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We are Pyörä-Nurmi Oy from Rauma. Untill the present day, our company – established in 1953 – is family-owned. Pyörä-Nurmi’s main purpose is to make the purchase and use of new products a more pleasant and trouble-free event. We strive to offer our customers best possible package solutions at reasonable prices. Our motivated staff is the key to our customer-friendly service. Our store provides employees in various functions. For each individual sport, we have engaged an expert in order to ensure best possible service for our customers. Two service technicians are available all year for maintenance and repair works and customer service. The by now third generation in the business and a team of more than 20 service-oriented and competent employees welcome you to shopping at Finland’s no.1 sports store! Our store is located in Kauppakatu 3, in the center of Rauma/Finland.

The Pyörä-Nurmi team

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Pyora Nurmi Oy | puh. 010 292 6510 Matkapuhelimesta 8,28 snt/puh + 17,04 snt/min, lankapuhelimesta 8,28 snt/puh + 5,95 snt/min | fax (02) 8377 9701 |
Kauppakeskus Potkur, Kauppakatu 3 26100 Rauma